Monday, January 26, 2009

So here is day one of the "I WILL NOT BINGE IF MY LIFE DEPENDS ON IT" diet.
here's my morning thinspo
feel like a whale right off the bat, and you're not likely to be running for the fridge or cupboards for anything but water and laxitives lol. Its a pretty simple theory.
So here's my goal: Only eat apples and drink water today, except for dinner where i will need to sit down and eat something, but at that hopefully manage only a handful of veggies. Also going to walk the dog now, and then take him for a run at like 11 when there is no one around to see fatty pounding pavement and panting from all the effort of dragging an extra 50 lbs down the road with me. (Please note, the dog weighs 7 pounds, the rest is all me)
So here's hoping i can get through the day.
CW 155.5 (apparently)
HW 162.5
LW.... well pretty low
STG a size 5 for march
LTG a zero for june/july.

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