Wednesday, January 28, 2009

day two, and kinda three

SO yesterday didn't totally suck... and then i got up... no im kidding. all in all, it wasn't a total right off. I had under 1000 calories, went on two runs, did 100 crunches, and kept busy all day doing housework and things so it all leveled out quite nice.
I am down to 155
Still a beached whale, but a little less flub... although you really cant tell a difference AT ALL. and chances are I'm going to hit that plateau soon, which blows madly.
ANyways, had a horrible fight yesterday with a friend, and said some things that i didn't think i had the cojones to say, but apparently do. Most of them about how all the make up, tanning, and gym going in the world will never make her even remotely attractive... but now that i think about it, i may have been directing all that at myself, and she was just as good, fat, and ugly and outlet....
Kinda sucks.
But anyway GOB TOMORROW! Lets mosh off all the flab?

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