Saturday, January 24, 2009

I have a serious issue. It's called being a woman. Every time I get my period I eat... for 7-9 days straight. and then spend the rest of the month hating myself and compensating.
Welcome to day 5 of the binge. I had a bagel, a serving of pork tenderloin, and 5 perogies.
Off me please.
And the best part, I'm at that Do I have it, or dont i have it stage where, really i dont have my period, but I cant have sex yet to get rid of all the frustration because mother nature is a nasty cunt whore who decides to surprise me every 6 hours or so by having it re appear.
So there's the gorey low down of where I lay today. Obese and miserable.
HW: 160
CW: (pretty damn close) 157
STG: 140

now how to get there?

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