Saturday, January 24, 2009


My whole life I was thin, athletic, and firm. I played every sport available and was lucky enough to have grown up to be 5'10". This is a blessing and a curse. It means that when I first started to put on weight everyone referred to it as "filling out" and "looking more like a woman" instead of just calling me on the fact that I was starting to look like Betsy the cow.

I was in a bad relationship for about eight years.

I put on the freshmen 15, twice.

I am a stress eater.

I have never been exposed to the crap that I was eating, and so I didn't realize how bad for me it was.

I am a compulsive over eater with the inability to say no to myself.

I have no self control.

I can eat whatever I want, so long as I'm working out.

I'll just have one bite.

I'll run tomorrow to make up for it.

I broke my foot and can't help it, I'm just not getting the exercise I need.

I am too busy with the kid, and the aunt, and the job and school to eat properly.

I'm in the UK, when is the next time I'll be back? I should enjoy.


I need to stop giving myself permission. I need to stop making excuses. Where I am is not acceptable, attractive or okay. I used to have more self control.

It is time to stop whining, making or taking excuses. I have 7 days in a week to check Facebook and email, to talk on the phone and to text my hours away in between naps, perhaps I should stop being such a sloth and do something about this before it makes me crazier than it already has.

Think Yoda: Do or do not, there is no try.

Rework it: Do. There is no do not. There is no try.



HW: 273

CW: 207

STG: 195 by March 1

LTG: 145 by September 1



Well, if we're confessing and taking responsibility then I guess I'll have to be honest.

2 pieces French toast with butter and syrup

2 glasses of juice

6 oz white meat chicken with brown rice & stir fry vegetables

12 oz glass of 1% chocolate milk

Misc bits and bites while cooking

1 Oreo

I should be shot.    

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