Sunday, March 8, 2009

I should be sleeping, but...

Ok, shit hit the fan this week.

I finally got so fed up with my trainer that I switched to a different gym within the same company so that I could switch trainers without anyone getting mad. I also saw a nutritionist.

I really like my new trainer a lot, he totally kicked my ass. I was sore for the first time in weeks. He said that I clearly have a good base, but that my trainer had no idea what she was doing and now my posture for my workouts is kind of fucked up.

So the new plan is this:

2x a week w/ trainer. Lots of compound exercises and non-machine / free weight stuff. 1x of weights on my own, that will be mostly machines so I can't fuck up form.
4x a week of 25 - 45 minutes of cardio, interval training w/ the podrunner series

Nutritionally speaking, I'm still really fucked. I either restrict like crazy or blow off any control and it's really hard to find a happy medium. And my blender broke. How the fuck am I supposed to choke down this protein powder when I can't blend it with anything? Ugh.


Protein Powder + Milk
Coffee with Baileys x 1
Coffee Cake
1/2 Banana
Piece of cheese
Stuffed Pork Chop
1/2 cup brown rice
1 cup stirfry veggies
coffee cake
2 pieces banana bread w/ butter
4 mini aero bars

Moral of the story? Too much carbs not enough protein, and just generally a bad food day. Lets never speak of it again.

Clearly I'm not on track for new workout treat this week so unless I'm REALLY good until Friday I'm just going to be dealing with no present this pay period.

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